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Twitch has also released its own copyright-free music platform called soundtrack. Queue Length – This is the maximum amount of songs that can be stored in the queue. To sign up click the Sign-Up button or click the login button.

How do you attribute music on Twitch?

  1. My name.
  2. The name of the piece(s).
  3. A link to the source of the music (my web site)
  4. The license you are using.

Playing music with violence or hateful speech should also be discouraged. You can choose specific portions of the music to use as part of an intro or create elaborate playlists. Epidemic Sound also offers Twitch alert sounds as part of their package. As Epidemic owns the rights to their music, you will never have to worry about them passing out strikes while you have an active subscription. The company also never makes claims on content that was released during an active subscription even after it has ended.

!SongList chat command – Display the full list of queued songs​

This command has its Nightbot dashboard and AutoDJ page that comes up with a new playlist and plays it during your stream. Some people are also coming up with new commands in the command center, but there is still not a command that would allow you to leave Youtube shuffling while metadialog.com you are playing the game. Every streaming website allows you to play a Youtube video, but in some cases, if you are playing songs from certain artists, it may not be permitted because of the copyright policies. Commands edit rather than add; or edit from the Nightbot dashboard.


With Moobot you can let your Twitch viewers see what song you are listening to on stream with a simple chat command. Technically you are not allowed to play copyrighted music from Youtube on your Twitch stream. It leaves you open to getting a copyright strike or DMCA.

Night Bot Song Request Command

Moobot’s integration with YouTube makes it very simple for your viewers to add their requests, as most viewers on Twitch are already familiar with YouTube. A cooldown can be set for a command set on both a Global and Per-User basis, this prevents the main action being run again while the cooldown is active. Song” and it will return with “Artist – Track” when you are listening to a song. When editing the command set the “Display format” to “”, and then set the “Last.fm username” to your Last.fm username. Epidemic sound is a premium platform with a wide range of songs available to use on stream or in your Youtube clips. You get a full license to use the songs in your videos.

  • On the dashboard, you will see an option in the top right to “join channel”.
  • A Youtube link is the only thing you should leave in the command box, and you can’t request songs from any other platform.
  • With Moobot Assistant, you can write the current song to a local file.
  • You can also click the «Settings» button in the commands menu to edit the settings and responses of a chat command.
  • Command edit rather than add; or edit the command from the Chatbot dashboard.
  • There are several genres to choose from, allowing you to find the music that works best for you and your audience.

A Youtube link is the only thing you should leave in the command box, and you can’t request songs from any other platform. However, if you cannot find a requested song on Youtube, don’t play it from a music player like Spotify or Apple music because this can also cause you copyright problems. The platform also offers features that allow you to play the music to your audience without having to listen to it yourself, freeing up your ears to the intricate sounds of your gameplay. There are several genres to choose from, allowing you to find the music that works best for you and your audience.

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Moobot offers curated blacklists for both songs and YouTube channels. Moobot will deny any blacklisted requests, and you can also set your Moobot to blacklist the viewer who did the unwanted request. Keep in mind that this excludes them from all the filtering, including the amount of songs they can queue up, and the maximum playback duration of their request. If you want to restrict requests to a certain YouTube category, you can do this in the «Only accept requests from these YouTube categories» input. Just select what categories you want to restrict the request to.

twitch song commands

User Limit – This is the maximum amount of songs that a user can request at any one time. In limits, we can set limits on the number of requests specific viewers can make on your stream. Providers – This is where your viewers can search for songs from. I recommend leaving both Soundcloud and Youtube checked.

Announcing when you’re taking song requests​

Songrequest is the most common command with Moobot, the streamer you’re watching may have chosen to give that command a unique name instead. Again, the streamer must use Moobot and have song requests enabled in order for the song request command to work. If they use another bot, then check out some of the other bots mentioned above. And just like other bots, StreamElements Bot also lets streamers rename commands if they choose to.

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You can set who exactly can request songs by using the «Only accept requests from these user groups» input in the filtering menu. That way you can make sure you have song requests coming in at all times. Just adjust the «Minimum songs in the playlist before restricting requests» value in the settings menu. I like gaming, streaming and watching other people stream.

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The Nightbot song request command is a great way to add a bit of fun to any livestream. Using the command allows you to easily search for a song by title or artist and add it to your stream’s queue. This helps to keep your viewers engaged and excited while you show off your favorite music. You can also set https://www.metadialog.com/blog/streamlabs-chatbot/ up filters and other restrictions so that you can control the type of songs that are played. With Nightbot’s song request command, you can easily create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for your viewers. A twitch chat bot that can parse song requests from users and display an appropriate list of songs.

twitch song commands

Now even if you have followed the steps above properly, you may still run into some issues when trying to request songs on Twitch. Just like all other commands on Nightbot, requesting a song is also not that hard, and all you have to do is learn how to enter the simple command that will automatically play music from Youtube. Music requests are handled on Twitch through chat bots, with the two most common bots being Nightbot and Moobot. To request a song, you need to identify which chat bot the channel is using, and then enter a command into the Twitch chat that the bot will understand.

!CurrentSong chat command – Show what’s playing​

Song commands for Pretzel, you will need to update them. This article explains how to request a song on Twitch using Nightbot or Moobot. With Moobot Assistant, you can write the current song to a local file.

twitch song commands

To allow each of your viewers to have a fair chance to get their request in, adjust the amount of songs which a single viewer can queue up at one time. While you can skip any songs, you can use this filtering to remove any unwanted songs automatically before even playing them in your song player. By exempting your Twitch followers and subs from session restrictions, they can request as many songs as they want, while your normal viewers can e.g. only request 1 song. The «Primary playlist» contains all the requests from your Twitch viewers.

Adjusting playback for requested songs​

And if they want to keep requesting songs, it gives them a great incentive to follow and sub. Moobot will automatically start posting these announcements to Twitch chat whenever you’re playing from the dashboard’s song-player widget. Limit to Playlist – I would not recommend setting this as then viewers can’t pick songs from Youtube.

How does Twitch detect music?

As part of Twitch's ongoing efforts to help you understand when unauthorized copyrighted material may be included in the content you stream, we proactively employ an audio recognition system that scans VODs and clips for copyrighted audio.

A journalist at heart, she loves nothing more than interviewing the outliers of the gaming community who are blazing a trail with entertaining original content. When she’s not penning an article, coffee in hand, she can be found gearing her shieldmaiden or playing with her son at the beach. Depending on your overall plans for your channel, you may need to set some rules on which songs can be played. For instance, if you are a family-friendly stream, you will want to make sure not to play any songs with explicit lyrics.

twitch song commands

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